A little bit about us!

robert.cookFor more than 30 years Group Travel Services Inc. has successfully operated various types of travel programs domestically and internationally. Our company was founded on principles of honesty, reliability, friendly and efficient customer service, with specialized high quality tour arrangements. We maintain a high standard of credibility in the travel and tourism industry. We have organized everything from General Travel to Youth Outings, Mission Trips, Cruises, and International Pilgrimage Tours across the World. We have decades of travel experience in arranging many types of Christian and General Travel. A Letter from Rev. Robert L. Cook While I was in seminary one of my professors Dr. Ralph Earle told me and my fellow students that we should go to the Holy Land to strengthen our ministry and give us greater knowledge and understanding of the Bible. Dr. Earle’s advice was to go even if we had to borrow the money to get there. I took him up on it and I have never been the same, that trip changed my life and helped me see the many benefits found in Travel Ministry.

I have been a pastor for over 40 years, and I have included a Travel Ministry in my program ever since I made that first life-changing trip. To try to bring this opportunity for growth in service to God to others, I have organized numerous Mission Trips along with dozens of Christian Pilgrimage Trips to the Middle East, Europe, Asia, South America and many other excitingdestinations! I could not resist the desire to share these same experiences with others around me and so Group Travel Services was born.

Now with over 80 years of combined travel experience GTS has assisted thousands of people to experience God’s call to …. go and make disciples of all nations! Group Travel Services is a family owned and operated company that is dedicated to assisting others in Christian Travel. Our goal is to bring the widest variety of travel opportunity to those who wish to participate in Mission Trips at the lowest rates in the travel business. Because we have made these trips ourselves, we are able to bring our knowledge and experience to you and provide the most positive experiences at the most reasonable prices. We have assisted many groups with Mission Travel, Youth, District or Conference Trips, Cruises, and Christian Pilgrimage Trips that include the Holy Land, Greece, Rome, Turkey, Jordan, Mexico, Trinidad, The Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guyana, Switzerland, Brazil and too many others to list!

I invite you to call upon the experience of Group Travel Services to assist you in planning and booking your next trip! You will find us to be friendly, competent, reliable and in tune with your needs!